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Debt, Death and DeadweightThe authors of Debt Death & Deadweight explore the revenue-raising alternative to taxes that destroy people’s wealth and welfare. How UK production is curtailed by £500bn every year is explained. Losses might be greater, or less, but the public cannot judge because HM Treasury will not disclose the loss it imposes on Britain.

When governments fail the test of transparency in their financial dealings, doctrines like equality before the law are dishonoured. According to one of the authors, that is why tens of thousands of people are allowed to die every year from pathologies that are ultimately caused by anti-social taxes. In an authentic democracy, Parliament would be held to account for those losses.

Democratising the public’s finances would make it possible to resolve crises like unaffordable housing, income inequality and under-funded public services. And thousands of people would be freed to enjoy up to 20 years longer of life on earth.

Towards an authentically humane society
Author: Fred Harrison

1 Land grabbing, income inequality and state-sanctioned debt
Author: Paul Nicolson

2 Death and Deadweight Taxes
Author: Fred Harrison

3 The Making of a new Scottish Enlightenment
Author: Ian Kirkwood

4 Denmark: the constitution of a happy nation
Author: Lasse S. Andersen

5 Systemic Integrity: the Australian model
Author: Fred Harrison

6 Citizens as champions of tax reform, Pennsylvania-style
Author: Edward Dodson

7 The Dog that must bark: the design of a problem solving revenue system
Author: Ted Gwartney

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Nurturing people-centred communities and natural habitats by reducing the treadmill taxes that burden Britain