The Battle for Britain’s Future

The Battle for Peace and Prosperity

Not since the Battle of Britain during the darkest days of the Second World War has the future of the United Kingdom been threatened with as much uncertainty as now prevails. The Cameron Government is negotiating with the European Union without a plan for what happens if the people decide, in a referendum, that they want to quit a union that is turning into a federal state. The UK needs a strategic plan to protect her future. Ronald Banks describes the blueprint for security and prosperity.

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Scotland’s Economic Independence

Betrayal of the 1707 Treaty

In 1707, Scotland agreed to unite with England under one king. The treaty specified that the new kingdom would be funded out of the Land Tax. If the Westminster Parliament had remained faithful to that fiscal policy, argues Fred Harrison, Scotland would have flourished, and nearly half of the voting population would not have opted to split from the UK in the 2014 referendum. But now, under the fiscal powers devolved to the Government in Edinburgh, it is possible to begin to reinstate the benefits of the Land Tax of 1707.

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Nurturing people-centred communities and natural habitats by reducing the treadmill taxes that burden Britain