About LRT

Land Research Trust is a charity that bases its educational initiatives on the need for public policies that enhance the welfare of the nation. The Trustees believe that policies governing the services provided by both nature and society are at the heart of a community’s wellbeing.

LRT draws on the expertise of a global network of specialists in all the social sciences and professions. The mission is to provide analyses that empower policy-makers and civil society organisations with the information that enables them to achieve their goals. The objective is to evolve operating social systems that harmonise with living habitats and with the fundamental tenets of justice.

The Trust’s work is currently focused on the realm of High Finance. How a nation’s income is created and distributed remains one of the major challenges to good governance. Contemporary policies are examined in the context of what people could achieve for themselves and their families, and for their communities at large, if they were free to realise their full potential.

Nurturing people-centred communities and natural habitats by reducing the treadmill taxes that burden Britain