People’s Budget No 1: Parliament on Trial

Can the Brexit crisis be resolved in the best interests of both the UK and her neighbours in Europe? The first edition of a new Land Research Trust bulletin initiates the debate by explaining how this could be accomplished. The key reform: rebasing the public’s revenue system on the principles of inclusive justice. This strategy would also inoculate Britain against the global disruption that will occur when land markets peak in 2026.

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The UK government is revising the Welfare State. It has embarked on reforms built around the concept of Life Chances. In a country in which some sections of the population endure foreshortened lives of up to 17 years (on average) compared to those with the longest life expectancy, the concept of Life Chances is of special significance. The Land Research Trust analyses public policies to assess their actual impact on people’s lives, and identifies the reforms that could equalise everyone’s chances of working to earn the Good Life.

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Bulletin 1 The value of a whole life (PDF)

Nurturing people-centred communities and natural habitats by reducing the treadmill taxes that burden Britain