UK/EU Crisis

The future of Britain within the European Union hangs in the balance. According to those who wish the UK to remain a member, Britain would suffer from an exit from the world’s biggest single market. Ronald Banks explains that, even if Britain did quit Europe, she could independently shift onto a new path of sustained prosperity. Britain could anchor her future in a win-win strategy and blaze the trail for nations that are struggling to survive the uncertain world of the 21st century. In his 3-part analysis, Banks explains how to reform the financial system, how Britain could maintain public confidence during the transition period, and the process for implementing the long overdue reforms to the public’s finances.

Read or download the analyses

No 1 Exiting the EU need not be Disastrous (PDF)
No 2 Debt and the Fiscal Crisis (PDF)
No 3 Transforming the Nation’s Finances (PDF)

Nurturing people-centred communities and natural habitats by reducing the treadmill taxes that burden Britain